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Junior Einsteins is located on the northern suburbs of Athens in Halandri. On an 800 squared meters property lays our institution of learning for our young Einsteins.

Our outdoor play area is filled with beautiful trees and secret hiding places that are meant for exploration and discovery. This will provide preschoolers with great places to practice and master emerging physical skills.

Our playground environment entails a wooden tree-house, a sandbox,  a vegetable  garden, and our very own traffic/transportation area.

We develop our students’ thought processes and creativity through circle time, games, crafts, learning centers, field-trips, guest speakers, and monthly themes. Students develop gross and fine motor coordination through journal writing, drawing, outdoor play, gym activities, toys, puzzles, music, and finger plays. Junior Einsteins prides itself on embedding technology into the classroom with access to Interactive smart boards, and computers.

Our program focuses on language development and a better understanding of the world through a variety of themes such as but not limited to: All about Me, Animals and their Habitats, Five Senses, Transportation, Fairy tales, Nursery Rhymes, and Weather.



bungalowJunior Einsteins philosophy is to awaken the natural curiosity of young minds in order to promote critical thinkers. We believe children learn naturally about themselves and the world around them, through observation, imitation and meaningful play. Thus, we encourage children to satisfy their natural curiosity and immersion into lifelong learning and discovery. We aim to positively impact our preschoolers to create a love for school and a thirst for knowledge. We emphasize on having strong teacher-parent relationships and nurture the idea that family and school act as one unified and loving network of adults for all students. Through regular communication between the school and home, our goal is to ensure that the needs of the children, the aspirations of the parents and that the aims of the school are all communicated, understood and shared.