Safe, clean, well – reserved school full of colours with high ideals in personal hygiene!
Up to date on each sector, they use a great app where we can see everything, from photos of our children’s day to individual information or the menu for the whole month and each project we have to prepare..
Extremely qualified, active and friendly staff, helps and encourages children to express the best side of themselves. Through experiential activities that being used, the lesson becomes a game increasing the child’s ingenuity, curiosity and perception maintaining the high-quality level of education.
As far as our director concerned, Mrs Stevi is a very sweet person, with the warmest hug (as my son says), wiling and smiling always ready to listen to you and help you with all her professionalism!!
Overall, what is really worth at the end of the day is the smile and happiness of our little stars, i highly recommend JUNIOR EINSTEIN PRESCHOOL